The following is a short tutorial for new or existing customers who are making a payment through our online payment system for the first time.

Once you have clicked the link above, it will take you to the "Xpress Pay" website (our online payment system).

First Step:

1.) Once you have arrived at the "Xpress Pay" website click the button that says "Accept Terms and Continue"

2.) On the following page fill out the form with the information you provided us (your billing information when you signed up) for the Turner 4G Broadband service.

3.) Make sure to provide your account number. (This is the Invoice Number on your bill, if you do not have your bill handy then any 4 digit number will do. Then input the amount you wish to pay for your bill.

4.) Click "Continue"

Second Step:

You have now reached the confirmation page. This page lists the payment you are about to make for your bill. Take a moment to verify that the information you have input is correct then click "Proceed to Payment"

Final Step:

This is the "Billings and Payments Page"

Here you will input "HOW" you are going to pay the amount you entered in the first step of the payment process (by credit/debit or eCheck).

After selecting which option you will use to make your payment the selection you have chosen will change to reflect either
1.) The credit/debit card information of the card you will be using to make your payment
2.) the eCheck option will ask for the information from your check you will use to make the payment.

Addition Information for Paying by Debit/Credit or eCheck:

The the top portion labeled "Billing Information" is the information that is attached to the eCheck bank account or Credit Card. (This billing address is specifically for the card or check you are using.)

Example: When you received your credit card in the mail, it's billing address is the address it was mailed to, use that address for your billing address on your credit card or eCheck for the 3rd step. (Please note: This may or may not be the service address you used when signing up for Turner 4G Broadband.)

Finalizing Payment:

Upon completing this information click "Continue" and you will be directed to the "receipt portion". If any of the information is incorrect you will be notified here by a pop-up stating that information provided was either invalid or missing.

If you would like to setup recurring payments for your account please follows these simple steps
At the finalization page (receipt page), at the top, where the text says "...setup recurring payment click here" to click on "click here". You will then be redirected to a new page to give your email and password to login (you cannot login at this point, you must first create an account.) At the bottom of the login form look for "Don't have a profile? Create one here"

Now you are directed to the form where you will create your account, if the form is not already filled out with the information you provided during your checkout then please enter the information that the form request of you.
Click the Create New Account button at the bottom of the form. This will finished your signup for the recurring payments process. You are now setup for recurring payments on your Credit/Debit Card!

We would like to thank you for choosing Turner 4G Broadband and we hope this tutorial has been helpful in providing you with an easy method for paying online! If you still have any questions please contact us by calling our office: (229)-416-4157

-The Turner 4G Team